In as little as four treatments, truSculptⓇ Flex will give you that extra edge to strengthen, firm, and tone your abs, butt, thighs, and more! At your first appointment, you’ll be hooked up to several applicators. Where these applicators are placed depends on the body goals you discussed in your initial consultation at Body Lounge Beauty Bar & Spa. TruSculptⓇ Flex will then use its proprietary MDS technology to ensure all of its energy-output is absorbed by the targeted muscles. MDS technology allows the applicators to treat both the front and rear side of your body, as well as both small and large muscle groups.

Three Modes of truSculptⓇ Flex

TruSculptⓇ Flex delivers three treatment options by simulating intensified twisting, squat, and crunch exercises:

PREP MODE stretches the muscles and slowly builds a tolerance to muscle contractions by creating a twisting motion to warm up — this is to prep for muscle toning

TONE MODE contracts your muscles to the point of exhaustion, and then releases to increase strength and enhance endurance

SCULPT MODE develops new muscle fibers through fast, deep, sequential muscle contractions to build muscle mass and increase your basal metabolic rate (BMR)

Benefits of truSculptⓇ Flex

  • Target multiple (small and large) muscle groups simultaneously
  • No downtime and non-invasive
  • Safe — FDA approved
  • Costs less than surgery
  • Flexible handpiece placement
  • Results in four, 45-minute sessions
  • Workout…without the work!

If you’re looking to lose fat and gain muscles, then call Body Lounge Beauty Bar & Spa in New York for a free consultation, and see if a truSculptⓇ Flex program is right for you!